Are you ready to elevate your skills, grow your business, and help people heal as a paramedical tattoo artist?!

*No experience required*

Differentiate and expand your business to the growing market of clients interested in healing tattoos. This course is your MUST-KNOW BUSINESS BASICS to successfully launch your paramedical tattooing business. 

Paramedical Tattooing has evolved tremendously in the last decade, growing in popularity and advancing in technique. Professionally delivering paramedical tattoo procedures requires a wealth of knowledge and skill, and starts with business basics that every tattoo artist must-know. 

The A.S.C.E.N.D. framework covered in this course is based on collected learnings intended to give students a competitive advantage over those who may be “figuring it out as they go”.  

The Business Basics course is the shortest of all courses and can be completed over 1-3 hours depending on your learning style. This course includes approximately:
• 8 minutes of video
• 89 slides
• 23 quiz questions

*1 year of tattoo machine experience required*

Take your tattoo business to the next level by learning the subtle art of camouflage in this comprehensive course about scars! 

Using needling and micropigmentation you’ll watch cases including facelift scars, skin grafts, breast augmentations, self-harm scars, burns and more.

This course should be taken after Paramedical Tattoo Business Basics (ASCEND) and is recommended as a must-take to open your business for clients looking to heal after illness, trauma, and surgery. 

In this course, you will learn about different types of scars, the most common causes of scarring, and how to consult and treat scars using paramedical tattooing.

Scars is the longest of all courses and can be completed over 5-10 hours depending on your learning style. You can expect approximately:
• 2 hours of video
• 98 slides
• 40 quiz questions

*1 year of tattoo machine experience required*

Want to start slowly with acne and stretchmarks before jumping into scars? No problem! This course can be taken after Paramedical Tattoo Business Basics (ASCEND) and  will put your tattoo machine to use and open your business to tons of new clients. 

In this course you will learn the subtle art of camouflage including microneedling and micropigmentation  to revise and resurface acne scarring, blend stretch marks with regular skin and *bonus* blend radiation tattoos that are often used in cancer treatment. 

With real life consults and cases you’ll cover everything from what acne is to how accutane is used and be able to help men and women alike revise common acne scars.. Light and dark, you can help people regain confidence from stretch marks on the tummy, breasts, and thighs from growing, pregnancy, or weight gain. Lastly, radiation markers are often a reminder of battling cancer that survivors wish to put behind them, and are so rewarding to treat! 

In this course, you will learn how to microneedle acne scars, camouflage stretch marks and conceal radiation marker tattoos with micropigmentation.

This is a mid-length course that can be 2-4 hours depending on your learning style. You can expect approximately:
• 30 minutes of video
• 57 slides
• 41 quiz questions

*1 year of tattoo machine experience required*

Never stop learning and growing! The opportunities are endless with the Business Basics, Scars, Acne, Stretchmarks Bundle! 

SAVE 25% when you purchase together, and open your business to the growing market of clients seeking these life-enhancing services. Differentiate yourself from the saturated cosmetic tattoo industry and feel good about offering paramedical tattoo services to help clients HEAL. 

You will learn from a combination of presentations and real life videos to treat surgical scars, skin grafts, burns, self-harm scars, acne, stretch marks, radiation markers and more. 

Overall you can expect 2+ hours of unique video, 200+ unique slides, and 75+ unique quiz questions to earn your certification. For most people, this will take anywhere for 8-16 uninterrupted hours to complete! Watch, read, re-watch and re-read to make the most of your learning experience.

FREE *1 year of tattoo machine experience required*

If you’re interested in Paramedical Tattooing and helping cancer survivors put their reminders of radiation treatment in the past, this FREE course is for you! 

Radiation Marker Tattoos are used to pinpoint where the radiation therapy x-ray machine should be positioned on the body for radiation therapy. They are tiny black ink spots that can be easily camouflaged to look like a freckle or mole. 

Jody Stoski’s Radiation Marker Tattoo Camouflage course is a great place to start when considering expanding your business with paramedical tattoos, as it’s a quick and easy procedure that you can feel good about offering.

FREE *No experience required*

Paramedical Tattooing has been named “The Next Big Business” and if you have tattoo machine experience Jody Stoski is here to teach you how to incorporate paramedical tattooing into your business! We know investing in courses can be a big decision to make, but when you could be adding $30,000 per year in revenue to your business, expanding your skillset, and helping people heal… it’s a no brainer, right? 

In this FREE COURSE, Jody will help you make a plan to get your first client, and recoup your investment in her paid Paramedical Tattoo Academy courses. Don’t wait, sign-up now!  

FREE *1 year of tattoo machine experience required*

Want to get a taste of Paramedical Tattooing? This FREE Belly Button Camouflage course is the perfect place to dip your toes into what’s being named “The Next Big Industry”. 

Belly button scars are often the results of tummy tuck procedures or other stomach surgeries, and in most cases can be easily camouflaged. Enjoy!

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