Elevate your skills, grow your business, & help people heal as a paramedical tattoo artist.

Jody Stoski Paramedical Tattoo Academy makes paramedical tattoos more accessible, while elevating standards in both the paramedical and cosmetic tattoo industry.

Using years of experience as a professional makeup artist, cosmetic tattoo artist, and paramedical tattoo artist, Jody Stoski has worked with doctors and surgeons to treat over 10,000 patients and become an expert in her field. Learn from Jody who is AAM Certified.

Jody Stoski Paramedical Tattoo Academy refines your skills in scar revisions, skin camouflage, and microneedling so you can add paramedical tattooing to your practice, help individuals heal from trauma, and grow your business.

A message from Jody Stoski, founder of Paramedical Tattoo Academy…

I Get It…

● you don’t know WHERE to find credible medical tattoo courses

● if you find tattoo lessons, you aren’t confident that it’s CORRECT

● you don’t feel like you have the support and resources you need to expand your business

● maybe you’ve taken some cash ‘n grab weekend courses,
but you want to LEARN MORE

● ensure you’re fully prepared and confident the content is correct

● maybe you were left with unanswered questions and ideas from previous courses

And I Know That Right Now You Wish…

● you could expand your skills to offer professional paramedical tattooing

● you could serve clients beyond your current scope

● you weren’t turning away potential clients, and leaving
cash on the table

● you were able to do paramedical tattoos on survivors of trauma

● you could give back in your community

● you could expand your business by learning from someone who has been where you are right now

How Do I Know This?

Because I was You….

I started tattooing over 12 years ago when there was very limited knowledge about paramedical tattooing, which forced me to learn on a case-by-case basis. Through the mainstream cosmetic tattoo industry, I was lucky to connect with esteemed doctors who invited me to apprentice, and I could apply my skills to their medical cases. I perfected my brow stroke technique for alopecia patients, how to 3D tattoo areolas for breast cancer survivors, and learned scar camouflage. I experienced first hand how fulfilling it was to play a role in a medical client’s healing and recovery. I was grateful to become part of a supportive and genuine community that includes people of all ages who have suffered various traumas.

Little did I know, a few years later I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, to undergo a complete thyroidectomy.

I became a member of the community I had been helping. I battled depression and anxiety about my health and physical appearance. I felt people’s gaze shift from my eyes to focus on my large neck scar. This was a constant reminder of the disease I was trying to put behind me. I eventually put my skills to the test on myself, and used the very scar revision protocol that I offer to my clients today. The profound transformation I experienced first-hand, made the terms medical, paramedical,  and healing tattoo interchangeable for me.

This inspired me to create courses about The Art of Camouflage. My own doctors could not believe how I was able to camouflage my scar, and I was finally able to move forward with cancer behind me. Through illness and healing, I redefined myself, solidified my business path, purpose, and journey in the paramedical tattoo field. Now cancer-free, my goal is not only to continue healing through my clinic, but to make paramedical tattoos more accessible, while elevating industry standards.

Today there are more individuals than ever who are self-conscious about scars and could benefit from medical tattooing as part of trauma recovery.

Having seen over 10,000 cosmetic and medical cases, I want to share my experience so YOU can incorporate healing tattoos into your business. There are people out there who need your expertise.

Together, we can increase medical tattoo awareness, and help more individuals feel confident in their own skin!

“In sickness and in health, I believe that when you look good, you really do feel better. Giving people confidence in their own skin is what drives me to be the best, and to always keep learning in the medical and cosmetic tattoo industry.”


● Reaching out to people who need your expertise to overcome trauma

● Experiencing the satisfaction of being the final step in a client’s healing process

● Giving back to survivors of both illness and injury

● Expanding on your existing tattoo machine knowledge

● Growing your business

● Going to work and never feeling like it’s work

Even if you believe…

● You can’t afford it…

● You don’t have the skills…

or the clients…

THIS IS FOR YOU if you see yourself…

● Going to work to serve and heal with medical tattoos

● Expanding your business to incorporate these amazing services

● Generating revenue while being a part of someone’s healing journey

● Learning new skills that will build your portfolio

● Working with surgeons, dermatologists, and cancer support groups

This is NOT for you if…

● You’re content doing what you are doing

● You don’t need to learn new skills

● You don’t feel the need to give back

● You’re not interested in building out your portfolio

● You are happy working within your current network

Learn from an AAM Certified Artist

(American Academy of Micropigmentation)