About Clinic Cosmetic & Paramedical Procedures (Clients)

All eyebrow, eyeliner, and lip tattoo appointments include your first appointment, and a free touch-up within 3 months to ensure complete satisfaction.

For paramedical procedures there is no “standard”. As treatments will vary, please contact us and we will provide you with a consult that includes a timeframe and treatment plan.

A touch up is included in your original appointment as must be booked within 3 months of the original appointment. Touch ups are intended to take care of anything that may have been missed in the first appointment, for example adding a few more strokes to your brows, lengthening your eyeliner wing, or going a bit darker with your lip colour. Because we like to go modest on first appointments and allow you to get used to the new look, your touchup is included to make sure you are 100% satisfied.

A colour boost is just as it sounds, intended to boost colour and add to the longevity of your cosmetic tattoo! At Cinnamon Girl, if you come back within 3 years of your last appointment, we will consider this a colour boost and offer you reduced pricing from $250 to $450.

Appointments made outside of 3 years are considered new appointments, as your ink is mostly all gone, and we will be starting fresh. This means full price service, with a touch up included.

Unlike cosmetic tattoos, paramedical tattoos typically last forever and do not require touch ups or colour boosts. The price you are quoted at your initial consult is the price for the full service with the intention it will last forever. If for some reason you do require a touch-up, we will work with you individually to determine pricing.

Touch ups are always included for free within 3 months of your first appointment. Just one of the reasons Cinnamon Girl has become known as Calgary’s best cosmetic tattoo, eyebrow microblading, permanent eyeliner, and lip tattoo clinic.

Colour boosts are $250 for brows, $250 for partial eyeliner, $350 for full eyeliner, and $450 for lips and only qualify for this pricing if booked within 3 years of your first appointment. Please remember to come within 3 years, otherwise you will have to pay full price again.

Bring in your favourite lipstick or gloss for us to colour match our pigments to! We carry a wide range of shades at the clinic and can also make suggestions based on photos, and testing them on your lips first! It is important to note that colour will be darker immediately after the appointment, fade, and then full colour will return by week 4 when you are fully healed. Colour will fade over time, which is why we recommend colour boosts every 1-3 years.

Absolutely. In fact, this is very common. We do a lot of eyebrow microblading corrections, and as such, we ask that you please note the price of non-virgin (previously bladed) brows, as it is $100 more if they were done elsewhere.

Pain levels will vary based on procedure and personal tolerance, but we always do our best to keep pain levels to a 5 and below. Most of our clients say they’re at a 1-3 when we ask and we do have multiple numbing options to choose the best one for you including topical options like Bactine and Anesten, and even dental freezing for lip tattoos. If you have anxiety, your doctor may recommend you take your prescribed medication prior to your appointment as well.

Our eyebrow tattoo artists work with your face shape and personal preference to create a unique shape for you that compliments your natural features! Prior to your tattoo, you’ll confirm the shape you want as drawn in with eyebrow pencil. Dots will be used to outline the shape, and things like arch, length, and density are taken into consideration.

Although this hasn’t happened to us yet, we understand that this is your biggest fear! If at your consult and initial appointment you do not feel ready to proceed, simply tell us and we won’t. Your satisfaction is our number one priority, and that’s why we always take our time to talk to you about shape, make sure you’re happy with what we draw, and go from there… no pressure! It’s also why your first touch-up is FREE, because we’d prefer to work modestly and then go bigger or bolder at your second appointment if and when you feel more comfortable doing so.

Yes! We use the same technique for beard micropigmentation as we do for our scalp + hairline tattoo. If you are looking to add density in thinner areas, cover a scar, add darker stubble between grey areas, beard micropigmentation is for you! Contact us for a consult as pricing varies depending on the size of the area.

Scalp, hairline, and eyebrow tattoos for individuals with alopecia may be subject to a discount of up to 50% depending on your healthcare plan and how many areas you are looking to have done. Please contact us and we’ll provide you with a quote right away!

It usually takes us just ONE appointment to lighten a tattoo, lasting approximately 30 minutes! In this procedure to remove your tattoo we are using the same techniques as scar camouflage, depositing a lighter skin colored pigment overtop of your existing tattoo to cover it. Pricing is based on the size of the tattoo and starts at $250.

Microneedling does not have any pigment/ink being deposited into the skin, and is not a camouflage procedure, rather a softening practice that helps the natural skin heal and regenerate without the need for pigment. Sometimes microneedling is done as the first step in a camouflage strategy with micropigmentation done at the next appointment.

It is recommended that all clients use sunscreen (minimum SPF 15) to protect their tattoos.

Pigments used in camouflage are stable and have been formulated to stay true to color.
So, the area that has been camouflaged may stay lighter in the sun than the rest of the skin that is getting a tan, as the pigment does not tan with the sun.

With that said, if the skin is suntanned the camouflage will still blend better than before the tattoo.
Once the skin is not tanned it will be perfectly blended again!

Clients should always come in at their most regular skin tone to ensure the perfect colour match.

Absolutely, giftcards are available for purchase at the clinic or online here
Please note our giftcard policy here

The best way to book an appointment is online here but you can also call us at (403) 288-2769 or email info@cinnamongirlclinic.ca

Aftercare protocol will always be explained to you at your appointment, and at Cinnamon Girl we provide you with your own take home ointment. Please click here for a downloadable aftercare sheet including guidelines about picking (DO NOT PICK), swimming, tanning, getting facials, and more.

Yes, microneedling is often used to not only treat acne scars but wrinkles too. Microneedling encourages the body to produce collagen and elastin using micro punctures to the skin which will result in an overall lifted, tightened, and rejuvenated appearance.

The term Paramedical relates to services and professions that supplement and support medical work but do not require a fully qualified physician. Paramedical tattoos can be used to aid in healing as related to medical conditions whether that includes hair loss related to Alopecia, scarring left from surgeries and skin grafts, 3D tattoos related to mastectomies, or radiation marker camouflage related to cancer treatment.

The Paramedical Tattoos offered at Cinnamon Girl Clinic include treating Acne, Stretchmarks, Alopecia, Radiation Markers, 3D Areola + Nipple Tattoos, Scar and Skin Camouflage.

In Jody Stoski Paramedical Tattoo Academy, tattoo artists can also learn these paramedical tattoo skills to offer in their own clinics.

Cosmetic means “involving or relating to treatment intended to restore or improve a person’s appearance”. Cosmetic tattoos help to restore and improve appearance by mimicing traditional cosmetics and makeup to enhance eyes, brows, lips, and more.

The cosmetic tattoo services offered at Cinnamon Girl Clinic are known for being the best in the city of Calgary, and include Eyebrow Microblading, Permanent Eyeliner Tattoos, Lip Blush Tattoos, Scalp + Hairline Tattoo. Cinnamon Girl also offers non-permanent cosmetic services such as Eyelash Extensions.

About Online Shop Orders (Customers)

Standard shipping is $11.00 flat rate through Canada Post to all Canadian provinces. If you live in Calgary, save yourself shipping and drop into the clinic to pick-up!

All products we sell online are also available in the Cinnamon Girl Clinic in Calgary. If you would like to sell them in your own retail store or clinic, please contact us and we’ll see what we can arrange!

Please view our Return and Refund policy here

About Enrolling In The Academy (Potential Students)

Business Basics DOES NOT require any machine experience, but the Scars and Acne, Stretchmarks, Radiation courses DO require knowing how to use your tattoo machine and are video-learning intensive.

Some students without experience have been enrolling, as there is unlimited access to the program, meaning they can expose themselves to the content now, and then revisit it later as they get more advanced in the tattoo industry. With lifetime access, we’re proud to provide some learning flexibility.

With that said, please be aware of our NO REFUND policy and that you will NOT be able to practice and perform the services learned in Scars and Acne, Stretchmarks, Radiation courses until you have tattoo machine experience.

There are many ways and places to get tattoo machine experience. Lots of cosmetic tattoo artists start with by taking an eyebrow microblading or lip shader courses. There are online and classroom trainings available, and locating a classroom near you is Jody’s recommended way to start.

Jody herself first picked up the machine to start her career at BioTouch Institute under Lisa Lam in Vancouver, BC. Jody highly recommends the permanent makeup and cosmetic tattooing certification here. If you’re located outside of Canada, try researching a reputable “permanent makeup”or “cosmetic tattoo” school in your area to get started.

To learn more about Jody’s journey and education to understand where she went and who she partnered with to get her experience, please click here.

Any style rotary machine will work for the procedures learned in Jody Stoski Paramedical Tattoo Academy. Jody Stoski uses the Cheyenne Hawk tattoo machine, available to purchase online, along with needle cartridges at cheyennetattoo.com however it’s best to stick with the machine and brand you are used to and feel most comfortable using.

Yes, Jody Stoski offers some free Paramedical Tattoo clips in her Academy. These are non-certification courses that are very brief – they DO NOT include written course presentations or quizzes like the paid courses do, but can help to give you a sense of what Jody’s personality and videos may be like. You can find them here. You can also follow Jody on Instagram @jodystoski where she posts lots of useful content and behind the scenes clips!

Each course has a complete breakdown of what is included in the curriculum. The bundle is the best bang for your buck if you know that you will eventually want to learn all procedures. You’ll ease in with Business Basics that will help get you excited and motivated and talk about things like insurance, getting clients, etc. then you’ll dive deep into the most intensive course, Scars that’s very comprehensive and information rich, followed by Acne, Stretchmarks, and Radiation Markers that will build on your learning in scars.

To maximize your clinic’s revenue, we definitely recommend taking all 3 courses, but if only one of the courses speaks to you there is an a la carte option.

Keep in mind there are also payment plan options!

Like anything else, it really depends on how much you practice! Getting confident in paramedical tattooing skills will take time, especially in the more advanced cases and techniques. However, there are many procedures you will feel confident in doing right away after taking the course. Line up a few friends or family members to practice on and get ready to change lives with paramedical tattoos!

Yes, for each Paramedical Tattoo procedure shown in the course, Jody Stoski describes what needle and depth is being used in detail.

It is highly recommended that you take the Business Basics course, as no other course goes into the same depth about client relations and the importance of the consult and client waiver as related to the legal side of paramedical tattoo. This course will also give you some great marketing tips and touch on things you may not think of when setting up your clinic.

The supplies you need will be covered in detail in the Business Basics course with a brief review in Scars and Acne and Stretchmarks courses. Jody Stoski’s set-up tray includes Barrier film, Clip cords, Alcohol, Cotton rounds, Q-tips, Unscented baby wipes, Witchhazel, Vaseline, Bandages, Aftercare ointment, Cavi wipes and Spray.

Feel free to choose colors from your preferred ink brand and supplier.

As for Jody’s favourite pigments, this will be covered in ALL paid Paramedical Tattoo Academy courses slide presentations and videos. You can expect Jody to name the brands of all of her favourite products, in addition to needle depths, speed, and cartridges too.

When first launched, all Jody Stoski Paramedical Tattoo Academy courses were offered at a special introductory price for 3 months. After 3 months, feedback was collected from the pioneer students and the courses were taken to the next level, including the addition of more videos, slides, cases, and quizzes. The courses were then bumped up to their full prices, but are still offered at a discount when you buy the Bundle.

The Paramedical Tattoo Academy Business Basics course is the shortest of all courses and can be completed over 1-3 hours depending on your learning style. This course includes approximately:
• 8 minutes of video
• 89 slides
• 23 quiz questions

The Paramedical Tattoo Academy Scar Camouflage course is the longest of all courses and can be completed over 5-10 hours depending on your learning style. This course is extremely in-depth and is recommended to be tackled in chunks over a few days to help digest each piece of information covered. The course is segmented into an introduction to all types of scars, how to colour match, and then how to actually treat scars including video cases of surgical scars, burns, skin grafts, and self harm scars, topped off with video cases where before and afters are illustrated with procedure notes including machine speed and needle depth. This course includes approximately:
• 2 hours of video
• 98 slides
• 40 quiz questions

The Paramedical Tattoo Academy Acne, Stretchmarks, and Radiation Marker Camouflage course is a mid-length course that can be 2-4 hours depending on your learning style. This course includes approximately:
• 30 minutes of video
• 57 slides
• 41 quiz questions

If you’re considering taking all 3 Paramedical Tattoo Academy courses… Good choice! This is the best bang for your buck, AND ensures you are covered in every aspect of paramedical tattooing, feeling truly well-rounded and confident to take on the world of paramedical tattooing. Starting with Paramedical Tattoo Business Basics, and then progressing to Scars, followed by Acne, Stretchmarks, and Radiation Markers, it is best to budget 1 week to digest all of this information. The Scars and Acne, Stretchmarks, Radiation course will have some overlap – particularly surrounding colour matching and pigment dilution, so you may be able to glaze over this section before you get into the cases if you’re doing the bundle.

Overall you can expect 2+ hours of unique video, 200+ unique slides, and 75+ unique quiz questions to earn your certification. For most people, this will take anywhere for 8-16 uninterrupted hours to complete! Watch, read, re-watch and re-read to make the most of your learning experience.

Yes! Please enjoy the video compilation below made up of reviews submit by real students in the course!

About Content In The Academy (Enrolled Students)

Due to the high volume of students enrolled in Paramedical Tattoo Academy and just one Jody, ALL questions MUST submit through the Frequently Asked Questions Form on this page.

Please try to find the answer to your question among the list, but if you do not see your question, please use the form to have it answered. If your question was covered in the course, and you missed it, you will be redirected accordingly. If your question was not covered in the course, we appreciate you pointing it out and will actually try to add it into the course for future students too!

Thank you!

This question is covered in the Business Basics course, Scars course, as well as Acne and Stretchmarks course. Paramedical Tattoo inks are designed to be in the clients’ body forever, just like a body art tattoo. However, the more you dilute your inks, the less likely they are to stay for long periods of time, and touch ups may be required. The more diluted the pigment, the less ink is in the skin, and the higher chance of a touchup being required.

Variables like the person (every body is unique), their lifestyle (do they tan a lot) and the specific procedure (location of body and type of skin in that area) may result in the need for a touchup. While it’s not the same as cosmetic tattooing as in you may see your client every 1-3 years, it is similar to body tattooing where it’s permanent, but touch-ups can “refresh” the look.

The answer to this question is found in the Scars Course under Surgical Scars with the first case that involves camouflaging breast scars. Typically you should not go deeper than 3mm, but there are some exceptions. Please refer back to your Scars course presentation for more information.

Jody Stoski recommends to only use numbing if ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. That means only if your client has a pain level of 8 or higher with the procedure and is not comfortable enough to proceed without.

The most sensitive area in paramedical tattooing is usually the lips. More often, clients getting procedures on any other areas can withstand the pain.

If you or your client feels that numbing is required, as it will allow you to finish the procedure quickly and more accurately (less moving from client) a local anesthetic or numbing agent is recommended. For a client who is nervous or has a low pain threshold, Jody recommends Anesten unless the skin has been opened – you will need a topical that is suited for that.

Anesten may be purchased directly from www.anestencream.com
Anesten needs 20 minutes to sink into the skin and is stronger with 12% lidocaine.
It cannot be used on open skin.

Bactine is also a spray option that can be used immediately and during a procedure only 2% lidocaine.Bactine helps “take the bite out” of any procedure, and is available at your local pharmacy or drug store.

Please refer to your Scars course for more information.

Needle configurations are the same for paramedical tattooing as cosmetic or graphic tattooing. The most popular cartridges are Mags and Shaders, including 5 round, 7 magnum curved, 9 round 13 magnum curve.

Jody Stoski’s needle cartridges of choice:
5 & 9 round shader, best used for thinner scars and to deposit more ink.
7 & 13 magnum best used for larger scars and to deposit a softer color.

All needle configurations used in the course videos will be noted within Scars course and Acne and Stretchmarks course.

For micropigmentation procedures: At her clinic, Jody Stoski has her own “aftercare” ointment product that she gives to all of her clients for scar camouflage and cosmetic tattoo procedures. It is a proprietary mixture she mixes and distributes to her clients in small containers that is not currently available for resale. However, if you are interested in a medicated aftercare product like Jody’s, just talk to your local compounding pharmacy and ask for a cortisone & triple antibiotic mix. These active ingredients will only make up 10% of the aftercare and are to be mixed with a salve or cream base.

If you already have a favourite aftercare product you provide for cosmetic tattoo procedures you can also continue to use this, OR a basic non-scented lotion to keep things simple for your client! Keeping the area moist and free of additional ingredients to heal is the main priority.
Damaged skin needs moisture to heal, as dry skin has tiny cracks that can allow bacteria to enter — this can slow down healing by causing further inflammation.

For microneedling procedures: For acne specifically, Jody chooses an unscented lotion like Lubriderm. If the client is oily and concerned about further breakouts, go with something oil-free. The most important part of healing from acne microneedling is no makeup or direct sun on the face for 48 hours. After day 5 clients can use a silicone based product like Cicaplast if they wish to speed up healing. For a stretch marks procedure where only microneedling has been used, follow the same with Lubriderm or Cicaplast.

Silicone is mentioned in the Scars course as a product that is effective at both preventing and healing scars. It works by creating a protective layer over the scar, to help retain the moisture that the skin needs to heal. Silicone is best absorbed with medium pressure.

It is recommended that you do research in your area for comparative prices, and be mindful of your skill level when you start out vs. when you’re a pro and the best in your area!

Pricing for the procedures in Jody Stoski’s Paramedical Tattoo Academy courses are included on a case-by-case basis and a guideline of prices to help you get started are available in the Business Basics course.

Please refer to Jody Stoski’s Paramedical Tattoo Academy’s Scar Camouflage course for the answer to this question.

Most commonly, you will be using a circular pattern when camouflaging a scar, however there are always variables to consider so please refer to Jody Stoski’s Paramedical Tattoo Academy’s Scar Camouflage course and Acne and Stretchmarks course for the answer to this question.

You will always need a lubricant to get the needles moving at the start. Use a small amount of vaseline or choice of lubricant to get started. Once you have made one or two passes, the plasma and pin prick bleeding surface and will keep the needles lubricated so you can use that to move your needles around. This practice will also redeposit the blood and plasma back into the skin for an even better result (similar concept to a vampire facial).

Please find the answer to what scars should be treated, and when in the Scars course.

When working slowly often one pass can be enough, but each case is unique! Once you clean or blot the area you’ll be able to tell if more pigment needs to be deposited, and you can certainly go over it again – but don’t go more than three times as it will over work the area.

Yes, sometimes microneedling or micropigmentation can need a few sessions; it depends on how big and deep the scars are. Following up with your client (as discussed in Business Basics) is key – and you should always check in on how the area healed and how happy they are with the progress. Typically you don’t get much improvement after 3 sessions. Don’t forget to inform them of timeline possibility in your initial consult.

Aftercare protocol for paramedical tattoos will always depend on the specific procedure and client. Please click here for an example aftercare sheet, or reference your Business Basics, Scars, or Acne and Stretch Marks course and the specific case videos.

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