Mornings made easy!

Save time in your morning routine, and look your best from the shower to the office and the gym with semi-permanent makeup and feature enhancers!

Enhance the length, curliness, and volume of your lashes with Cinnamon Girl’s cruelty-free synthetic mink eyelashes.

Classic Sets: Using a 1:1 ratio of 1 eyelash extension per individual eyelash, add natural length and volume!

New Set $130, 3 Week Fill $65, 4 Week Fill $75

Volume Sets: Add dimension and texture via multiple lashes (from 2-6) on a single extension. Enjoy maximum volume, perfect for those with sparse lashes.

New Set $170, 3 Week Fill $85, 4 Week Fill $100

Hybrid: Use a combination of techniques from both Classic and Volume sets.

New Set $150, 3 Week Fill $75, 4 Week Fill $90

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